I call upon my spirit guidesPleading to align me on my spiritual pathSo I can surf the rising tides For the highest good of myself and othersI seek the knowledge of those aboveAs my heart and soul recovers Promising to stay true to myselfRequesting your guidanceTo remain true to thyself I will accept whatever path […]


You grow up As a kid You want friends You want people to accept you You’re nervous on your first day of school Will people respect me? Will they like me? I think it’s common and natural for a child to feel this But I am no child I’m an intelligent adult I can admit […]

The Cowboy

Woke up this morning imagining his eyes The way his eyelets flare up when he saddles that bullIts like an inferno theres a sadness that tries to hide But the courage defeats the doubtIt’s his tenacity that reigns supreme the love shines throughA light that decorates and sparkles the moonlightA kind hearted soul that encompasses […]


Watch me wash the dishes And call it art Watch me make my bed It’s art I brush my teeth in the most artful way Call me what you will But I see me I’m an artist No one defines me I am whatever I want to be in that moment Watch me do what […]

Blood shot eyes

Through the mirror they talk Blood shot eyes The other side of me speaks “You will not apologize You will own your shit and you’ll do it unapologetically Because this is who you are Yes You can be kind sweet Generous Loving Forgiving for everything in the world But uou can also be ruthless and […]

Up In Smoke

Sitting under the moonlit skyThe Mind starts to wonderWatching the stars Witnessing the interconnectedness of all beingsPondering the affection that remainsTrapped in ones own mindHitting a wallRealizing there is no one else on the other end of the line Wanting so badly to wash away the memory’sThe fantasiesBut there aren’t enough tears or rainTo put […]