I call upon my spirit guides
Pleading to align me on my spiritual path
So I can surf the rising tides

For the highest good of myself and others
I seek the knowledge of those above
As my heart and soul recovers

Promising to stay true to myself
Requesting your guidance
To remain true to thyself

I will accept whatever path is set before me
Never losing my faith
Opening myself up to the signs sent for me to see

No matter what
I will move forward soaring toward my destiny
And always go with my gut

11 responses to “I CALL UPON THEE”

  1. Baldomero Villarreal Avatar
    Baldomero Villarreal

    Very true sweet peach, you keep chugging along, please don’t change for anyone, stay true to yourself and be the woman you are meant to be in your life not the woman everyone expects you to be.
    Always yours.



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  3. Cool 😎🆒️ love ya 😘



      And I want to be with YOU in YOUR destiny to help and guide YOU, to we cross any path together. And to all spirits and God stay happy with our True


  4. Your path can and will change, you will receive the answers you seek, but remember to seek answers in the little and unexpected things, the obvious tend to disturbe our mind, take some time and conect with your spirit, with your instinct, become one with your soul and mind, and never forget that the true key to open the universe rests in yourself.

    You are a powerful and beautiful spirit, your mantra is the one that rest in your heart…

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    1. I love you and thank you

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      1. There is nothing to thank for, the path that the universe drew led me to this exact moment in time, knowing that the words that came out of me had the power to give you peace, joy and strength is the greatest reward that I could ask for, a big hug for you, although more than thousand miles separate our mortal bodysuit, I’m sure that in spirit I’ll be able to reach you.

        Peace and love to you too

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  5. Always choose kindness–for others and for yourself. You are a fine guide for those who like you know that the flow with nature and with your spirit guides is a continuous practice, a constant renewal, and the only real journey in life. It’s a journey to love. Thank you for sharing your journey towards your deeper, ever-more loving, self with the world. Thank you for your little gestures of kindness toward me; you don’t know how perfect your timing is.

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  6. Come to north shore Oahu Hawaii and can help u learn to surf the physical tides and waves, and help u align with the spiritual and emotional tides and waves. Also enjoy traveling and visiting Arizona and other states and cities, if u like to meet somewhere and pray together, namaste, agape, and aloha!!


  7. Hello dear, I really like to see how you are advancing little by little, in your growth and personal development and in your entrepreneurship as an artist, keep up your purpose, I really congratulate you with all the sincerity of my heart. I am a quality and business consultant and reader of neuroscience marketing. Would you like to capture the attention of more positive public interested in your arts? Set up a dark background stage with nothing else in the background, place an elegant black armchair in the middle and with a dim light on you (elegant) and confidently mention historical tips from famous artists of the past who fought hard to achieve what they are today and talk on keys such as resilience, aptitude and time (you define each one and adapt them to how you are preparing and adapting your transformation based on them AND talk about your poetry), that will make you look like you know the subject and will give you more prestige in the performing arts. I hope that with this you can show the best version of yourself and have the success you deserve.

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    1. Thank you I love these words of encouragement


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