You grow up

As a kid

You want friends

You want people to accept you

You’re nervous on your first day of school

Will people respect me?

Will they like me?

I think it’s common and natural for a child to feel this

But I am no child

I’m an intelligent adult

I can admit when I’m wrong

I apologize when needed

And I don’t start fights but I end them

I have evolved

Now I walk into a room

And I don’t think “will these people like me? Will they accept me?”

I walk in with my aura, gleaming filling the entire space

Not judging anyone or thinking if they notice me

But trust me they do..

Instead now I think “now, how do I want to play tonight?”

Who is on my level?

Who can teach me something?

Who can I connect with on a spiritual level?

There’s either someone there or not. But either way, when I enter a room. People feel it. Cuz I’m playing my own game

Knowing my skills


Knowing my worth

And whether seen by the naked eye or not, you’ll feel it in your veins.

I am

11 responses to “EXPANDING”

  1. WoW very creative very smart very imaginative. Love it and your work.

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  2. Amen warrior 🙏goddess ❤🙌


  3. I’ve learned that if people like me for who I am, great. If they don’t like me, even better.

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  4. Ken A. Tribolini Avatar
    Ken A. Tribolini

    God is everything, everywhere all the time dancing across eternity! May I have this dance?

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  5. Jerry Petersen Avatar
    Jerry Petersen

    Hey who in Gods name would not love and accept you for who you are? Your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women but you top the charts and their is no woman as beautiful and gorgeous as you Coco.!!! I Love you and adore you!! I wish dream you and I could be Lovers and companions!! You would make my life complete💘💘💘💘😴😘😘😘😘

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  6. Oh my God I love this. Can you teach me how to hold such a high vibration for a prolonged period of time? At the moment, I’m learning “to flow” still, but I believe the level you’re on is key to my spiritual 😈opment.

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  7. Very well done Diana, love that poem I am, I don’t think anyone could have put that into better words. You know how God puts people into certain places at certain times, to make a difference. You make a difference in many lives. You will realize that soon enough names are clues sometimes bringing back memories, friendships, etc. Your poetry now fills the heart and soul. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Barry for taking the time to read it


  8. Know exactly where you are coming from 👌🙏
    You’ve learnt to project your aura young – well done x

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