You grow up

As a kid

You want friends

You want people to accept you

You’re nervous on your first day of school

Will people respect me?

Will they like me?

I think it’s common and natural for a child to feel this

But I am no child

I’m an intelligent adult

I can admit when I’m wrong

I apologize when needed

And I don’t start fights but I end them

I have evolved

Now I walk into a room

And I don’t think “will these people like me? Will they accept me?”

I walk in with my aura, gleaming filling the entire space

Not judging anyone or thinking if they notice me

But trust me they do..

Instead now I think “now, how do I want to play tonight?”

Who is on my level?

Who can teach me something?

Who can I connect with on a spiritual level?

There’s either someone there or not. But either way, when I enter a room. People feel it. Cuz I’m playing my own game

Knowing my skills


Knowing my worth

And whether seen by the naked eye or not, you’ll feel it in your veins.

I am


  1. Hey who in Gods name would not love and accept you for who you are? Your the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of beautiful women but you top the charts and their is no woman as beautiful and gorgeous as you Coco.!!! I Love you and adore you!! I wish dream you and I could be Lovers and companions!! You would make my life complete💘💘💘💘😴😘😘😘😘

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