The Cowboy

Woke up this morning imagining his eyes

The way his eyelets flare up when he saddles that bull
Its like an inferno

theres a sadness that tries to hide

But the courage defeats the doubt
It’s his tenacity that reigns supreme

the love shines through
A light that decorates and sparkles the moonlight
A kind hearted soul that encompasses his physical body

I see through it all
I see the untapped potential
I see it coming
Like lightening
Starting with a match
But within 1 quarter of a second burst into flames

It comes as a revelation

Lightening will strike
Thunder will rumble
As the god of the sky
Sets fire to an unflamed heart

Jumping dimensions

Like Shock waves
The energy turns from darkness to light
As the dead weight drops with all its might

Even still

This cowboy has love in his heart for those left behind

Everyone sees him flying
Shining like a golden light
There won’t be anymore sighing
Just climbing through the denying

A humble cowboy
Reckless in his younger years
But still clenching the recklessness that always remained in his core

A cowboy
One who sings all night long
Riding bulls like whiskey on ice

His eyes glossed over
Like a Shepard
He heards me weak to my knees
I bend before thee
through the trees

Looking up
my king
I bow down as your queen

Let’s ride this life together
A roller coaster
No seat belts
with both hands in the air
screaming our hearts out

10 responses to “The Cowboy”

  1. That’s great diana! Like your words! You go girl;

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  2. Derrell Flett Avatar
    Derrell Flett

    I’m disappointed with the cadence of this poem. You’ve done much better previously.


  3. Who have you stole the poem from 😇?


    1. Stole the poem? Lol you obviously think it’s so good ha ha. you little piece of shit you know nothing about me I hope you just fuck off and take a long walk off a short pier idiot lol


  4. Beautiful words
    Goddess di


  5. Ken A Tribolini Avatar
    Ken A Tribolini

    Your poetry and poems are always a joy to read! Deep but light!

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  6. I like the poem it’s good, what makes me wonder that’s why you a beautiful woman doing that kind that works hard I know, I know you’re proud of your physique and of your Independence, but I wonder what are you really trying to achieve I really would like to know on one hand you live the life of an artist and I dare to say a poet on the other hand you seem to have isolated yourself and for whatever reason I don’t know but you are a mystery and at the same time you’re exotic so I’d really like to know?

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    1. Keep watching and my story will unfold

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      1. William Flickinger Avatar
        William Flickinger

        I just read with great interest your reply About the cowboy in the sky who left this Earth to pursue a weed But he could have saved to be a rose But instead of he chose to make a weed When he could have saved the desert rose Why we all ponder did he do this And why was his mind in a mist Only God will know And only coconut Kitty will be told The sadness I see in the mirrors that look back And shows to you what you lack Because my dear you let the thought back It is his way you see to make contact And to have this mirror send his thoughts back And to torment you with your thought That you are getting back And not those of the cowboy but truly is sending you the fact And The mirror has fooled you with the help of him the weed chaser To torment you into thinking that he would sooner have a weed Then the love of his dream the beautiful coconut Kitty who would ride with him on his steed And once again he has worked hard to make you sad And rejoice in the fact that he made you feel bad A cruel joking like he plays on you my shining light Because he wishes to snuff out your light The life that you show to the world likes many a path for coconut Kitty girls And yet men like the cowboy who seem so for life are jealous of the freedom that the girls like He realizes at once that he cannot control that wonder if it’s light and life That coconut kitties can grow And through that light the kitty show That their freedom can only grow if they’re left in the desert to become a rose for a rose is a thing of beauty and only God can create, and and very few men will pay the freight Because to pay the Lord even the cowboy will wait,

        Part of The never ending story for my coconut Kitty yes I long to be by her side and pray the Lord it’s before I die so I may feel her touch before I ride unknown


      2. Hope Bill buys and reads your book, as all your fans and “not fans” should. Perhaps he’ll have a better understanding of the “exotic mystery”. God bless him. Keep kicking ass. Love you kiddo.


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