Watch me wash the dishes

And call it art

Watch me make my bed

It’s art

I brush my teeth in the most artful way

Call me what you will

But I see me

I’m an artist

No one defines me

I am whatever I want to be in that moment

Watch me do what you tell me not to

Tell me I suck

and I’ll suck artfully

I won’t ever stop being me

I’m an artist In everything I do

The way I walk

The way I mow my lawn

Life is my canvas

So watch me create my masterpiece

In every breath

In every waking moment

I Am

Whatever I want to be

35 responses to “I AM”

  1. Hello. Are you the girl who is writing to me on telegram? Are you the one who wrote this to me?You are my first sugar baby.Basically,I’m just looking for some attention and someone to share everything with.all I want is companionship,and having someone to talk to make me smile while I also take


      1. Hey Diana have you been talking to me via WhatsApp over the two weeks and been then asked me to donate money to a charity. I think someone hacked your twitter to try scam me pretending to be you.


      2. That is not me don’t give the scammer money


      3. Kitty. You have remind all from time to time that you dont ask for $…. There are so many acting as you its pitiful.


  2. Joseph taylor Avatar
    Joseph taylor

    Well-spoken coming from a woman that continues to climb up the ladder some may think she the higher she goes the harder the fall but what people don’t realize is that her ladder is very sacured and she ain’t gonna stop mid way to look back down atleast not until she gets to the top you make everything in your life a apart of your art why well because art is a way of life when you can see it that way

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    1. I love this. Thank you


      1. You verse of true life moments. Words of great expression Hava made an impressive impression on,I now to read all. Love what I have so far

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  3. How marvelous! Immediately thought of Marcel Duchamp and the Dada movement. So very defiant of you! “Rage Against the Machine” came to mind. You seem to have come up against some opposition as of late. Seems like you create out of anger and defiance. God bless you, kiddo. I luv that energy! So sorry it’s painful to work through. Just as I was ready to leave, you drew me back in. Thank you. Looking forward to more of your “Art.”


  4. Absolutely amazing and true. You define who you are, no one else. Some give that power to people for a while to be defined to be categorized but they can always take it back and be who they see themselves as. I hope everyone reads this and appreciates what an inspiration it can be for them in their own lives.

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  5. Your amazing arts and do cool

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  6. Derrell Flett Avatar
    Derrell Flett

    You know what you are then, that don’t make being what you are right. A Ho is still a HO.


    1. Why are you here?


    2. Anthony D Duncan Avatar
      Anthony D Duncan

      And a Dick is still a Dick.


  7. Amen 🙏 beautiful
    Manifest destiny
    We are survivors

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  8. You’re very intelligent and intuitive. There’s not many who can express feelings in such a way that cause other’s to discover unknown emotions that force their soul to float. No one can understand you but you. But having the ability to garner people’s attention and use that notoriety to emote real feelings and a unique consciousness, that can change the outcome of many lives. Not just your own. Many will relate but none can duplicate. Get it while you can because it is what it is.. but only until it ain’t.

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  9. someone on twitter made a fake profile of you


    1. Please report that account babe


  10. there is a fake profile on twitter using your pics


  11. there is like 20 twitter fakes of you. i think its all some weird stalker. do you have a twitter or IG?


    1. My twitter is @illicit69kitty look at follower account to make sure it’s me I have 1.2 mil on there
      My Instagram is @coconutkitty143
      Look at follower amount to make sure it’s me I have 3.2 mil on insta

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  12. YOU ARE! ❤️

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  13. I really admire you. You got your shyt down. And i think you are damn awesome. I really wish you would do something on how you actually look. You are a very very Beautiful woman Diana. Fuck what those stupid fucks that try to say how negative you are. I have a friend that mentioned to me she wants to do web cams and etc. I told her not to do just that but to think of other things to do. I mentioned you on how you have so much going on with you but how hard you worked for it and never gave in to the bullshyt. I just want you to know that i think very highly of you. Being such a beautiful woman you couldve taken the easy way towards getting what you want. But you didnt. Its hard for me to explain what i mean. You just seem so chill also. I hope one day i have the privilege of meeting in person. Thank you for being who you are and for being a Gorgeous woman….May the universe present you with all you desire.

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  14. Ruben Saucedo Avatar
    Ruben Saucedo

    Is this your acct

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    1. This is my painting and poetry account yes


  15. Baldomero Villarreal Avatar
    Baldomero Villarreal

    I enjoyed your poem dear.
    Together Forever, That is our deal!
    Do you know your heart code?

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  16. June 6 is my birthday I am Scott Schnedler I recently friended either you or somebody stealing your image and using it to scam people on Instagram I’m pretty sure you get comments like mine a lot because it happens to a lot of content creators but it also prompted me to do some research and the real coconut kitty is very interesting so I am signing up to follow you and maybe someday be friends

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    1. Hi Scott I’m glad you found the real me please do not let the scammers scam you. Thank you for your support


  17. Hello, I was wondering do you have a Snapchat? Someone added me claiming to be you. I think the least possible information you can give me is what is your snapchat score so I can compare those two numbers without giving you away on snapchat if that is my best of confirming its you.


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