Blood shot eyes

Through the mirror they talk

Blood shot eyes

The other side of me speaks

“You will not apologize

You will own your shit

and you’ll do it unapologetically

Because this is who you are


You can be kind sweet



Forgiving for everything in the world

But uou can also be ruthless and cruel when needed

This is who you Are.

You Are everything

Never apologize for that”

5 responses to “Blood shot eyes”

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    1. Obvious error on my part. Apologies.


  2. 5/29/22
    Having a hard time with this one. Sorry. My problem, not yours. I can say as humans we have the entire range of responses available to us as you point out yourself. The less healthy will totally ignore responsibility or blame the other (Narcissistic Personality disorder). I believe the more healthy individual looks at their behavior and evaluates it. I believe you are describing yourself as this latter type. After this assessment, a decision is made as to whether that behavior was advantageous or not. I think it’s this process that your poem speaks of. There is No right or wrong answer. What you choose this time may not be what works for you the next. Curious as to why you’ve attached “ruthless and cruel” but that, again, is my problem not yours. Sorry I’ve rambled in the past. I anxiously await your next expression. Steve K.


  3. Really great. Interesting the poem does no return to storytelling after the diologue quote! The speech the (seeming bleeding or burning) “shot” eyes made presumably soothed all unrest! Yayy

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  4. True words keep it up. Love the way you express yourself

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