A Letter to Myself

I love you, you beautiful woman you

I know sometimes you look in the mirror

Tears in your eyes

No you don’t see the true reflection in front of you
You give so much not expecting anything in return

But sometimes what you see is the illusion of experiences you’ve had

over the years you’ve begun to see who appreciates you

And I know it hurts your heart
When you look in the mirror
In your own eyes
I see the pain you’ve endured

The tears you hide
Youve always been one to admit your mistakes
Apologize even when it’s not due
I love you Emily
No matter your swollen eyes from crying
No matter your age or baggy sweats and t shirt you choose to dress in when you’re not feeling up to par

Anyone is lucky to have you as a friend
Ans it reflects nothing on you if they can’t see the beautiful soul you truly are

13 responses to “A Letter to Myself”

  1. Awwwwww 🥰 maybe I should find you on Twitter & follow each other again. I deleted an account earlier this year. Hope you’re okay


    1. Steve K7@SteveK27723693 Don’t know if this helps but I’m still new to the Twitterverse.Sent from Mail for Windows From: Coconut KittySent: Friday, May 13, 2022 2:21 AMTo: stevek2004sti@gmail.comSubject: [New comment] A Letter to Myself Christopher commented: "Awwwwww maybe I should find you on Twitter & follow each other again. I deleted an account earlier this year. Hope you’re okay"


      1. Apologies. Error on my part. Learning this.


  2. Absolutely truth
    Hi my beautiful amazing friend


  3. Andrew 07931566218 BURAK Avatar
    Andrew 07931566218 BURAK

    Hi Kitty nice bit of writing

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  4. Jethro Stevens Avatar
    Jethro Stevens

    Oh Emily you are dearly and deeply loved.
    Sometimes we just feel low, Its part of being healthy, Its in these times we need each others support and love the most, and where there’s special opportunity for growth and reflection. What’s the point if humanity cant just be human. Its ok to be angry and upset, you opened your soul for others, at least you can be acknowledged for your inner depths other than just surface.
    Its good to cry sometimes, and being able to in good company can . As long you know full well your loved dearly. You touch my heart every-time I see your beauty its only fair I comfort the self that is you and lift your spirits into the oasis that is love.
    Just know there is someone who would kill to know you.
    Lots of love – Jethro x

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    1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  5. Is this the woman that stole my truck and gave away all my clothes? Or is it the one that was conspiring behind my back and sleeping with my “friends?”, or maybe the one that was planning this the whole time for her own amusement. How are you victims here? I literally treated you like queens. Every picture of us happy and smiling. The things after I got loaded were completely my own shut that I kept on my side. You really just keep spinning the abuser story. I think the only thing I’m seeing is a bunch of people that have a grudge against me and wanna get famous of my downfall. It’s pathetic that you are getting joy from this. Drain me off my money, steal and damage my truck, spread lies about me and jap my phones. Go away and find someone else to blackmail. Luv you all


    1. No I am not that woman it sounds like you got scammed by some sort of scammer that made a fake account of me. You need to be very careful and look at the profile carefully I would never reach out to any of my fans I only respond I never reach out


  6. I heard you like Brians 🙂

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  7. I heard you like Brians 🙂


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