Choosing to wether the storm

Why do I choose to be in pain and heart ache when the space that occupies my body is mine.
Nothing outside can touch my space
I make my own soup
my own chemistry
But still
Sometimes I choose to be in pain and heartache
I sit on my porch while My dog sleeps peacefullly
Something I wish i could do

The sun sets like A dying ember
But every morning it rises
And still I choose the pain
Within myself

Even though all around me is beauty
Beauty of nature
The birds chirping
The trees blowing
It’s so beautiful all around me
But still inside
my soup
I concoct despair

The flowers are still blooming outside
The trees aren’t whining after the storm
I’m too much in my head
Not realizing the consciousness I was blessed with

This is a blessing or a demise
But the choice is always mine..

How will I allow this consciousness to bloom
Will I allow it to flower
or will I fight the current of life and cause it to wither and die

No no

Let me be the flower
That Wethers the storm
Trusting that the sun will come and dry the rain
The wind will stop
And the flow will allow me to flourish and bloom every season

14 responses to “Choosing to wether the storm”

  1. I could relate. I think we all experienced this at some time.
    Thanks 🙏🏽 Diana 🥰

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  2. David Haggerty Avatar
    David Haggerty

    I would do anything if I was given the chance to make you happy

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  3. Touching, but there should be “a” s in “weather”

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  4. Joseph Clancy Avatar
    Joseph Clancy

    Babe I know you’ve heard this 1000 times you know . But I am the Irish kid that you’ve been looking for your whole life we will have fun together trust me do you averages bunch of your life say what the fuck .(856)759-9563 Joseph Clancy

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  5. Percy Matthews II Avatar
    Percy Matthews II

    Intriguing 🤔……. A poet an artist 🧑‍🎨 a beauty an object, desiring no doubt to be more, not forgotten; a desire to be free, a will to be often, a giver a taker her heart chained and so guarded; a muffin today we know not tomorrow, an apple her eyes but a flame or a fire.

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  6. Percy Matthews II Avatar
    Percy Matthews II

    I do not wish to share intriguing poem, it was intended to be shared between artists. Thanks

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  7. You have a beautiful soul, and that’s more important than your body

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  8. Charles R McDonald Avatar
    Charles R McDonald

    You have a beautiful soul. Hang in there, love is always there


  9. You are the dream of every man you are too beautiful. Not only your body your eyes and your face are amazing post sometimes picture of you smiling

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  10. stevek2004stigmailcom Avatar

    Bravo! This may be your best work to date. (Just my Opinion.) As I read and reread your poem I kept thinking of Paul Tillich and his “Courage to Be”. You may find it interesting and it may provide you with validation. I read it 7x’s, thinking I missed something, but “No” just wasn’t the answer I was hoping for. I think you got it! The courage to be is a choice you make at each moment as you find yourself at the edge of the precipice of the abyss . I’ve read about some of your life and I find you impressive. I look forward to your continued sharing of your life story and your soul.
    If it applies, Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

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  11. Hey coconut I love you too very much I’m sorry I just now saw this message on my email I’m sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner but can you please call me or something and we can talk okay I love you so much and I wish you were down here with me


  12. Hey baby I’m sorry I just now got the message I just seen it I love you so much and I wish th


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