I’m so thankful for everything

thankful for the pain thankful for the heartache thankful for the happiness for the lust

for the love

for the one night stands

I’m thankful for the crying for the bending on my knees

asking for help

Thankful for the waves

the waves that life brings

because lift isn’t stagnant

its constantly moving

stagnant is flatlining

I’m so Thankful for this full life

that life and this universe has given me

I’m thankful for it all

I smile now when I’m in pain

Smile when I’m I heartache

Get down on my knees and thank the lord for the lessons he’s taught me

Because without these times

There’s no growth

And I continue to grow

And I know my big wave is coming

I know when it comes

It’s gonna be big

and I’m gonna ride the fuck outta it

I’m gonna do flips

kart wheels


and when I do

I’m gonna be smiling and laughing

Just like I do through the pain

cuz whether it’s up or down

it all has purpose

And this is life

this is life

This is living


whether it’s heartache





I don’t give a guck

There’s always a wave

and when it comes

I ride the fuck outta it

Watch me

Watch me do this

Because living is what I’m fucking good at

No matter what it throws at me

No matter what it gives me

I ride that shit

And I make it my bitch

Cuz that’s who I am

Always been who I am

Thank you universe


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