Now I see

There was a time when I felt broken

When I thought losing you was the end of me

But as time has gone by

I’ve created new memories

I’ve made new connections

Although some were short term

Lots of one night stands

But the memory of a stranger who held me all night

Something you never did

Will be everlasting in my heart

Memories with other men and women both

That are engrained in my mind

Memories that have changed my soul

Strengthened my being

And as I lay in the bath tonight

I realize

I needed these new experiences

As much as I bent at my knees and prayed “why god”

Now I see

I needed these new memories

Looking back as if I would have stayed

I would have robbed myself of these new memories

Memories that have touched my soul

Short term or not

They have expanded me more than you ever could

I now see now how time heals

I see now all the tears

All the cries

Fleeting or not have fed the emptiness you ignored

I just couldn’t see beyond the illusion

The illusion of you were “the one”

There is no “one”

There is only experience

And now I want it all

I now see the beauty in the heartache and pain

I lay back in the bath as the bubbles caress my ears and hairline

Now I see

And I’m smiling so big


  1. Wow! Move over lover.let’s share our positive experiences of those who Did cum back and got me and me only,sweetheart 💋
    Your well-hung secret stud🔥keeping it real and keeping the fire for you well stoked & hotter than hell hot for your mind.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Now your goal is to find someone to share searching out and finding new memories. The memories you make will vary but the search is for the rest of your life.


  3. You’re just ridiculous do you know I was the one into your life I hope you enjoy your memories of your one night stand women and men that have come into your life for me to be short term make no sense to me but who am I I’m a nobody goodbye Coconutkitty


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