A puzzle with a million pieces

I wanted to make you my king

I opened myself up to you when I was broken

But not until turning you away first

You knew where I stood

I warned you

You knew I was hurt

I trusted you

And you kept proceeding

I let you in when my heart was shattered

And you stepped on the broken pieces

All that’s left is more crumbs

No way to pick up the pieces

I can Only sweep up the mess now

No way to put the pieces together now

I should have never opened my heart when it was shattered

Before I put the pieces back together

Now Im left with a million pieces

Nothing left but a broom and pan with nothing but a bigger puzzle to put back together

10 responses to “A puzzle with a million pieces”

  1. Love it 😊 a lady of many talents

    Just a thought – Sometimes being broken is an awesome gift as it allows the light in

    Have an awesome day

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  2. I want to make you my QUEEN 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  3. This too shall pass. .
    We are survivors
    WOLVERINE143 Kevin.
    Love 💘 ya beautiful 😍

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  4. I love this! Revealing and exciting..♥️

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  5. Babe, riveting indeed. As always your command of appropriate words and timing is spot on. Stick with me and the ending can be re-written and a eternal relation with you will begin. My heart will always be your heart and our hearts will beat as one. I PROMISE


  6. Everett Kellar Avatar
    Everett Kellar

    Like I said before you are the definition of a Greek goddess if God blessed us on this Earth with one beautiful woman it would be you


  7. If you are real … you will have to prove it to me….the Coconut Kitty I’ve been chatting with privately said all the right things to think and make me believe she was , turned out to be a fake scam.

    If your real please reply so I can explain or if your the scammer that uses the pretty little petite girls pictures stay the hell away and that advice to all. If you are treat and prove yourself then I will erase this and go from there. RR


    1. Whoever you have been chatting with is not me please do not be scammed I have not been chatting with you.


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