Dwindling at the edge

It’s so easy to fall off the cliff into victimhood

Looking at the depth below you

But it’s when you start to see the power in that

The power in dwindling on the edge

Even though it’s so easy to feel bad for yourself

today the view has changed

Today I choose to see the growth in the pain

The awakening in the depth

I choose to see the pain as my strength

The ache is my teacher

Because I’ve seen this before

And I know that when the pain is gone

it will have enveloped me like a butterfly in a cocoon

And I’ll emerge a new being

As a beautiful butterfly with big wings

So I won’t let it overtake me today

I’ll feel it

I’ll accept it

Embrace it

For what it is

My greatest teacher

It’s the power in the pain

It’s the sting that has made me who I am

Because i see now it was a transformation

It was the cocoon; the dwindling at the edge that was the greatest gift that’s ever been given to me


  1. We all can relate to a poem like this but it’s harder for many unlike you to turn around from what’s brought them down. It seems to me, you are one the few to see positive out of the sorrows you been through were only for your growth.
    We can’t grow without challenges, this is one of the hardest lesson I ever learned.
    I’m impressed by those seeds of words you planting. It makes me like you because I’ve wrote similar words like this.

    Be prospered,

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  2. Ahh whoa whoa whoa whoa 😍 beautiful woman
    I’m the guy who asked for love and stop before you turn me down
    I’m music genius 🎶
    I’m artistic genius 🎨
    I’m fashion designer genius (good luck meeting someone with a better needle and thread 🧵 /)
    I’m gourmet genius 🍕🥩🍞🧀🍏🥥🍍(I speed read with a 99%retention….+cookbooks)
    I’m bodybuilder genius
    My workouts make you sweat an hour
    I’m romantic genius
    And I play guitars.
    So hi

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  3. I was raised to think like this. To use pain to improve myself. The sad truth is society is teaching and accepting victimhood and complacency as a badge of honor. To find strength from within is to have found true Strength.

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