If Only You Knew

Climbing in bed tonight
The darkness consumes my sight

I clench my pillow
Like a cold creature resting under a willow

I Rest my head
Like the experience of a good book that’s been read
It feels good to relax in bed

I think of you
And the universe always finds a way to send me a clue

I know your heart will never be mine
But the short times we shared sent me some sort of sign

Realistically I know it’ll never be
How i dream when I rest on my pillow and see what I see

But it’s been the love that you’ve given me
In these short times that I see
And I’m thankful even though I know I’ll pay a fee

The other day with you
Laughing and chatting out of the blue
If you only knew

The hope you’ve bestowed
Like a great symphony composed

Like a sprouting seed
Hope began to bleed
I no longer feel the need to plead

Because even though it’s only been a part of you
It helps me dream to start anew

14 responses to “If Only You Knew”

  1. Its beautiful ❤ and that heart….is you.

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  2. 👍👍👍

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  3. This is some beautiful work, I told you you were talented 😉

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  4. George Martin Chavez Avatar
    George Martin Chavez

    Great writing, he must be a lucky guy. I’ve heard from a person I follow that twin flames help you see into yourself. Sounds like this guy is your twin flame. Maybe you just needed time away from him before he comes circling back.

    Your art is great, keep going ma’am. I hope you find what you are looking for.

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  5. love this – such a talented soul 😉

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  6. It’s nice ! Is it a fictional poem ? Or is it about someone you’d like to be yours ? Either way, the words you’ve wrote sparkled. You have a gift ! I hope to grow older near your sight while your poems grow with you, all because I’d like to continue reading your poems and learning more about you. ❤️

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  7. Very nice .

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  8. food for dreams, shining beautiful feelings. thanks for sharing ❤

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  9. Fees come in different forms. No love is free, truly. Love this poem.

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  10. heartfelt words from kitty x

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  11. El El sáb, 11 sep. 2021 a la(s) 03:05, Coconut Kitty escribió: you are a great woman I hope to receive more emails from you I like your shape your style your body ❤️

    > coconutkitty143 posted: ” Climbing in bed tonightThe darkness consumes my > sight I clench my pillowLike a cold creature resting under a willow I Rest > my headLike the experience of a good book that’s been readIt feels good to > relax in bed I think of youAnd the universe alw” >


  12. Time is but a willow.
    Slowly seeking water like we seek the truth.
    Nothing but time will tell the real feelings that dwell.
    There are so many mistakes made all of them only I’m to blame.
    I know in my heart where my true love lies but I must only let the universe know.
    That you’ve always been mine and you truly know.
    That my heart has always been guarded and guaranteed yours.
    Only you have to take it.
    So don’t be scared there are so many scars that have truly been hidden.

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  13. I truly love and enjoy your creative energy. Never stop!😁😍😁

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  14. I wish I could take your pain away. I would love to fly with you in the universe and see what kind of joys it can bring us. You’re very unique and special Young lady. You got many talents you have many talents yet to explore. Enjoy your roller coaster ride. If you ever want someone to ride with you look me up. I’m still waiting for a ride in your convertible. LOL Thank you for your talents and sharing them with me and everybody else. I always look forward to seeing you yours truly. Me


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