A Clever Ruse

In the darkness of the nights and the lightness of the days

The humming of nature sways

Caressing all ears with its delicate tune

leaving no room for howling at the moon

While the roses may be red

The violets sure arent blue

Simultaneously you are I

while I am you

Opening up to the songs of the birds chirp

Do not allow the mind to usurp

Listen closely for it all comes from you

Projected outward it’s all just a clever ruse leaving only a clue

Weaving through the silence the trickling of water flows

Washing through your toes

As your consciousness grows

For I am one to be told

It was god who broke the mold

While realities bend and fold

It’s the love that’s got me sold

15 responses to “A Clever Ruse”

  1. Wow..❤️ There’s a reason I say those deep blue eyes have a universe looking through ❤️

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  2. expressive psychedelic thanks enjoyed that one xx

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  3. You and I are beings of pure energy. A million years ago we were a part of a star that is no longer. A trillion years ago, we were the light shining on the face of an alien being, walking on their home planet wondering the meaning of life. We don’t live or die, we just are. A part of the galactic soup that travels the vastness of time and space, always seeking, always growing in consciousness and love. To see the face of the creator, to dance among the stars of the galactic rim and feel the warmth of their glow. But amid all that, nothing compares to the warmth, the passion and the pure energy that we share, for an eternity. Come be with me, be part of me, let us become one before God and his host of angels that bear the burden of creation and death for those of us that are not worthy of the eternal existence only love can provide.

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  4. wow it’s great, with these beautiful words I’m going to sleep happily

    El El mar, 27 abr. 2021 a la(s) 14:50, Coconut Kitty escribió:

    > coconutkitty143 posted: ” In the darkness of the nights and the lightness > of the days The humming of nature sways Caressing all ears with its > delicate tune leaving no room for howling at the moon While the roses may > be red The violets sure arent blue Simultaneou” >

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  5. Thank you for this poem. I hope there isn’t a heavy meaning. It seems simple to me. Mentally takes me on a forest walk in the warm spring. Quiet except for the breeze. Anyway, I ramble. Thank you

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  6. Very nice my friend


  7. This took my brain to another dimension as these words, I payed close attention

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  8. yourescapepath Avatar

    I love reading idyllic poems about nature. And what is more natural in this world than taking a stroll through the mind, the ‘CEO of illusions’. Sometimes, beauty should not be scrutinized – lest its spell will be broken, and its allure lost to the many. The ones who continue to appreciate, even after observing and dissecting it through lenses of reason, are few and far between. Indeed, even those few, especially those few, will know the elation of ditching reason from time to time, and entering this strange place… where we forget who we are. AndForgetToWriteATransitionToTheIdeaForAStoryThatJustFormedInMyMind … harrrrumphhh – Don’t enjoy: _________I lift my head. I see: nothing. Nothing worth looking at. Nothing worth my time, even less my heart. Then, silence. Astonishment. Pizza! Ordering a pizza is definitely worth my while. Worth my time. WORTH MY HEART. I gather my resolve, start walking towards the counter of the restaurant. Walking? Walking was hardly possible at 400. Dragging. At 600, dragging is max. The waiter trudges in my direction: ‘Anything I can get y…’ – ‘One pizza, large.’, I interrupt, for he is half my size, thus half my worth. Not even. ‘One EXTRA large pizza’ ,I continue, ‘the whole works. Tits, ass, money, adrenaline, endorphins et cetera et cetera. You know the deal.’ – The waiter nods and disappears in the backroom. ‘Oh, and don’t go easy on colouring agents and flavour enhancers!!’ I bellow at his back, vanishing in the dark of the restaurant. ‘F*cking imbeciles’, I think to myself. Nowadays, those bastard can’t make anything enjoyable without adding chemicals. Why can’t they simply invent something enhancing the sensitivity of my taste buds?. ..’Yes!! Exactly!! This is it!’ ,I exclaim in the most deafening rattle my throat can muster. That’s some high quality epiphany there. ‘Unfortunately, no one of these swine will implement it. No one will even think of it’, I grumble to myself. Imbeciles, all of them. Not worth my time. _________ After an eternity of 10 minutes (which is approximately as much as it takes for coconutkitty to release yet another piece of content on onlyfans), absolution is in sight. ‘That makes $….’ – ‘Yeah, shut up dumbass’, I snap, irritated. ‘What insolence’, I catch myself hissing. He should be happy that I – the most awesome, individual, potent, creative, intelligent and handsome I on the entire planet – grace him with my existence. Ignoring the waiter’s wailing, I turn my unbridled attention to the central character of this farce: Pizza. PIZZA. 13 pieces of hot, voluptuous, infuriatingly delicate, intoxicatingly satisfying pizza. Not 12 pieces – that wouldn’t be adequate for my majestic appetite. Not 14 – Too unhealthy, I don’t want to get fatter, right?. Munch. Munch. Gulp. ______ As always, afterwards, after finishing this firework of cravings, I begin to feel dull, desolate, meaningless. At first, the delightful realization that the pizza was spiced with blood of the waiter, or his family, predominated. However, that does not change anything about the fact, that I am sitting here, in my miserable existence, while everyone around me is enjoying pizza! ‘The world is cruel’, I think to myself, once more preparing myself for the intense drag towards the restaurant. ‘Pizza is going to cure my sickness’, I keep repeating to myself. ‘Another pound on my belly, and I’ll be fine.’ After all, should I die, I want to take something to my grave, right?______ Moral of the story: Life is cruel. Better build up fat reserves while you can…. Well, I guess your paintings polluted my mind. (Or maybe, maaaybe they pointed out existing problems which I now try to conceal with anger and distracti..NO. I do not. Always look for mistakes in others, that’s the secret to happiness) Second moral: Don’t howl at the moon. Can you taste ‘moon’? Can you feel ‘moon’? Can you fuck ‘moon’? No. Stay focused on pizza. The pizza toppings you provide make that quite easy of a task … for a fan. But I’m not a fan. I am a seeker. I am the one taking a knife and ripping off the tiger’s tail, thrilled, whether it will pounce, caress, or run free. No matter how many bodies, lips and brains my mind’s eye has to pierce, I will keep believing – In the moon, kindred spirits, and my dreadful style of writing. Do you believe in destiny? I don’t. But I believe in randomness. And sometimes, a whim induces a windfall. @imprisonedinmymind


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    2. yourescapepath Avatar

      This was not meant to be posted. It is more of an offer, to the creator of the art portrayed on this blog. On exchange for answering me questions, of philosophical, existential, artistic nature – I’m willing to act as your muse. Because I do have a lot of ideas, and my thoughts do not tend to observe limits. Anyways, I’m searching for the unfathomable beauty in a unlikely liaison. And for guidance through the vast emptiness, that is my heart.


  9. I love the flow of your words here. Any chance that you would be interested in turning these words into a song?

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  10. Eugene Walker Avatar
    Eugene Walker

    Your poem is deep penetrateing and filled with love energy.

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  11. I can only be grateful for what I felt reading your poetry. I don’t think I have the words to describe what I’m feeling, I just know it’s wonderful.

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  12. The Coever ruse that has torn us to pieces it breaks and leaves us speechless
    We no longer fight we no longer even look at each other my back is always turned so you no longer see the pain in my eyes the tears coming from my soul
    I’ll no longer try and giggle or even laugh it off
    The only thing left is the last and final drop of my tears
    They have filled the oceans near and far
    It breaks my heart to know we have come this far

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