Sowing The Seeds

Shaking out the fabrics of reality like dusty cloths

With blue light from my finger

My energy becomes the thread

My force becomes the needle

For this is a blanket I’m sowing

My reality

Im sowing my seeds

For when the sun shines upon them

My harvest will come to fruition

Flowers will be blooming

The bees will be buzzing

The humming birds will be singing

For I am the creator

I am the light

14 responses to “Sowing The Seeds”

  1. Absolutely inspiring and beautiful miss ❤️ You never cease to amaze me with your creativity, and not just in your art, but your reality. As clearly shown in this poem. Keep shining on, goddess ❤️🙏🏼

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  2. Raul M Hernandez Avatar
    Raul M Hernandez

    Love the poem

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  3. Your poetry and artwork 😍✨💕are special 🤩❤❤❤

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  4. good words to hear at spring time x

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  5. Buckshot Mercury Avatar
    Buckshot Mercury

    Everything about this poem is very simple, from the way the verses are constructed to the message behind the words that were used BUT that’s not a bad thing, it’s that same simplicity that gives this poem it’s allure.

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  6. You are a shining bright light

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  7. First time reading you.
    Loved it; keep up.

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    1. Well hello I’m Chris and actually surprised that you would take the time to interact. I really do look forward to getting to know the real Ckity☺️♥️

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  8. Faerie 🙌 a great poem. I would rename it freyaday as it seems more elemental than seeds. It seems to speak to what seeds are made of, energy.

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  9. There is only a fallen tree left of the seeds we have sown
    The last and dieing of its kind the people no longer even know what ot truly is or how it has come to be with such dismay they look in amazement
    To finally see what has truly come to pass but will it finally last or is it just a dream of the lost and dying breed
    The end has finally come to pass or is it the start of the future the new breed they can only imagine what will come to pass
    When this new being is finally unleashed let out of it’s cage
    Made whole and finally unleashed nothing to hold him back
    The future Is coming just wait and see
    The being of the end has come to pass

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  10. You do have a gift and an understanding of life that many have not or won’t catch. I believe you gain strength to carry on in your life by stopping to smell the roses from time to time and think on how your life is impacting others such as sowing your seeds

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