Teasing Myself With You

I sit here daydreaming
And dancing all around
Teasing myself with the thought of you

Living in the story
After all I created it
It fills my heart with joy
It feels so good
Every cell in my body lights up
And tingles as if they are dancing with me

And it’s all just a dream
A fantasy
That I sit and day dream and dance to

And in the moments of silence
between the songs
A sadness washes over me
For in those moments
When the music stops
And the silence blares
I know it’ll never be

It just feels so good to pretend
To pretend just for the time being
That it could be
When you’ve been honest
I know it won’t be

But still I dance
I smile
And let my heart fill with joy
Until the song ends

I’ve danced this dance before
I wonder if I’ll ever stop teasing
Ever stop day dreaming
Just long enough to find the real thing


    1. I love your photos . honestly there my favorite even my lady Christina says you are very beautiful.
      Love the poem hope to hear from you.

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  1. Thank u kitty , Always nice to hear from you , although probably automated email and not really you ! have a happy Easter!!

    Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

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  2. You are a special human being with more talent than most in a number of areas. I admire you as much as I lust for the perfection of your humanly, heavenly form. It pains me to not be able to touch you, to hold you or to se you eye to eye. Stay well and continue to thrive in your creative expressions.

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  3. A hear a woman in touch with her inner self. Despite the lights, the accolades, the thousands of admirers, there is a stillness, a wanting, that is not fulfilled in your soul! You have an entire universe at your feet, but that your spirit desires eludes you. You smile, you dance, you please those around you, but your heart though it pumps blood, lacks the warmth you long for…..

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  4. This was beyond beautiful and your poetry continues to resonate with me miss coco.. I wasn’t gonna comment because no words could explain how I felt reading this and a did shed a tear or two when I did.. Speechless, beautiful goddess. You create the most unique artworks, I appreciate the passion and inspiration in your art works..

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  5. Hello kitty 🐈‍⬛ it’s time you have ask us to Allia you more time to pay the $60,000 you have borrowed from our company and I’m only the messenger but kitty if you don’t pay the bad men are going to cut off your head Do you know Mr. Popeye he wants your precious little head so bad try and make a payment of any kind because I heard his granddaughter has a brain tumor and he need some money to help her


  6. My soul tingles & blooms when I read each word. I respect you and your talent. I’m drinking wine while I read you in my free time. I hope to met you one day in a magical journey, greetings from Perú🇵🇪 @joo.love8moon

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  7. Hey You inspired Me to write You a poem.

    “Did You Smile?”

    Looking up from
    A Digital Abyss
    I found myself in.
    Fell in when I was a kid
    Crawled out when I learned to fly, but
    She broke Me
    and here I am again…

    The sites are still the same
    New names, I guess, but it’s still the same way to corrupt Your Mind.
    Just sort of looking around
    trying not to let that happen
    So I stay away from the poison.
    But these lonely broken days, trapped here
    are full of longing
    so hungry it hurts.

    Girls help.
    Happy pictures.
    Just, happy pictures.
    I try to imagine who they really are.
    I try to imagine being their friend.
    It’s what I want
    What I always wanted.
    So much darkness
    in the Abyss
    every direction You Look.
    Her Smile
    Is like a Blue Sky.
    The other Wants disappear like shadows in the Sun
    Compared to the Want
    To Know Who She Is
    For Her to Smile that Smile…
    For Me?
    Because of Me.

    More than anything else
    I Want to make Her Smile
    And that Want Purifies Me.

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  8. Wow your writing is so good . You take us to the place you write about and we feel it in our souls.
    Thank you for sharing your amazing work.
    Adoring fan .

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  9. Dancing to the thought of the real you
    It echoes in my minds eye I try to picture
    What it truly is to feel alive to feel special
    To even feel at all but I can’t any longer
    My heart has grown cold and sour
    I wait to finally see the queen that I’ve dreamed of but she never seems to be
    I only wait till I truly find the day
    When she realizes it’s no longer lies
    And we can truly lock eyes
    The end is coming idk if its the one I need or want
    Only time will tell
    When it comes and goes there will be an echo of what there use to be

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