God Of The Sky

Smoke encapsulates the sun

While they mock and chuckle

For they think they’ve won

But as the moon waxes and wanes

He who stifles above the planes

He who’th casts the thunder and rains

Sees through their thrones sown with greed

It’s come time to heed

He falls from heaven

The youngest of the seven

He who seeks the justice of those who ride the dark knight

He arrives with all his might

Under the moonlit night

He who turns the sun red

Has come to raise the dead

The trees bend

As justice has come to mend

Shedding their leaves

Roots reaching and parting the dead seas

Sparks will fly

flames will twinkle

Time will wrinkle

Those with dark intentions will crumble

While the rest remain humble

Justice is coming


  1. Love all your poems and it’s hard to choose which is my favorite but this is definitely one of them. Rhythmic, strong and heroic. Another great one. Beautiful miss keep your lovely creativity flowing ❤️🌹

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  2. Aight so shits moderated, guess I can just ask outright, are you into energy work? Or whatever term most people use for it I guess, I’m not really into the communities anymore so I’m out of the loop


  3. OMG I allready thought you the upmost BEAUTYFUL creature in our universe, but when i got to learn your poems im falling for you’re inner beïng..
    You really are adoreable, inside and out! ♥️
    Also your paintings remind me a bit of Vincent van Gogh.
    Love IT!


  4. WHEN the gods come and the waters boil will you truly be humble or will
    You crumble in the eyes so dark
    Black as night a demon I see
    Maybe it’s me
    Is that what I truly am or what I use to be
    I’m no longer going to crumble or break ill no longer head the warnings
    I’ll only follow what my soul truly needs
    Or is it my heart ill no longer think with my head It is already dead
    Or is that my soul has the devil finally come to take his due or is this a shout for help
    I’m no longer going to guess no longer going to speak ill just bust my ass
    Be better today then I was yesterday
    Fuck what they say ill finally win and be what I truly am the true……

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