The Calling

I stand at the edge

Where the yellow and red sunset meets the ocean

I see with my witch eye

the true nature that underlies

In the shadows

I stand before the hallows

And I invoke thee

I call upon my king who calls for me

I bend weak at the knees for you

In old Waterloo

Painting a masterpiece with blue light from my finger tip

While humming A sweet melody

An angelic tune

As I sing under the dark moon

I offer you my heart

My loyalty

Please take this offering

And do what you’d like

With lightning you strike

For if I cross you

I shall crumble into dust

With nothing to remain but lust


  1. Sexy Ghost ………

    I was at the sky
    Near your heart
    Near the sand
    With a shield at my art
    I was not Poseidon
    I was not a thunder
    Just a wing, a R
    Just a grrrl, a claw
    with law, at my mind
    a Shield at the dark……..

    by Silhouette…

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  2. Hey just a little note for you. When I click on the titles of the poems on my Samsung S8 I cannot actually make them appear. Only if I click coconutkitty143, I can see some poems but it is not very smooth. Maybe because I am using the Samsung Browser.

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  3. Love your poem, almost as much as I love your figure
    Don’t stop writing love cus I figure
    Soon in the future your joy will arrive
    And an important poetry writer you’ll be

    By the way, the 21st of August is my birthday!
    Big kiss. F.

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