The World Of Duality

Welcome to the world of duality

The world of waves

Clear sky’s

And thunderstorms

Fires And floods

It takes us up to the highest mountains peeks

Then back down through sunken forgotten valleys

We feel the rain on our faces

And the heat on our backs

An ever changing rhythm of emotions

Your life is it’s own symphony

Making your heart dance and sing

Then locking it up in chains

Only to once again release it

And send it flying back up

Dancing with the stars

Welcome to the world of duality

A world where without labels

Is nothing but a crazy, exciting ride

22 responses to “The World Of Duality”

  1. Love it, my friend 143


  2. Bravo Kitty 🔥

    If your words be my raison d’être, speak on ❤️


  3. Love it, how do you prepare to write, what puts you in the mood for your most intense deep writing?


  4. I like your use of metaphors juxtaposed against one another, very descriptive….easy to relate. I like this…..


  5. This maybe my favorite poem of your yet CK, just incredibly beautiful and provoking. Thank you for sharing this 🙏🏻❤️


  6. Beautiful poem.


  7. That’s the first one I have read, of your work. I‘m really pleased I did. Loved it 😊.


  8. Sounds very personal … beautiful

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  9. Enjoy the exciting ride of life. If you let it, it can be exhilarating


  10. Warriorofdreams Avatar

    You see the contrast in your life. You described it nicely in this poem. I meditated for an hour or so about your words. I thought about writing something too. I enjoyed the paths my mind walked as I contemplated your meanings. Your poems are so playful like you. It’s a happy thought!

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    1. Aww thank you! Warms my heart to hear it inspired you!


  11. World of duality., Where one cannot exist without the other.


      1. Will you be sharing again soon


      2. I would love to publish one on my website and 14 blogs and all social media. is my new website


  12. I like that you’re in the poetry It’s very deep and I’m into it too

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  13. Heart felt. Understanding there are two sides we portray, chameleons most, only to find yourself when the worlds collide.



  14. I feel energy that hasn’t been here since 1711.

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  15. Everything in this world has an equal and opposite except one thing what is that one thing. The answer is in the sentence before this.

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  16. I liked that

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