Pep Talk

I might have tripped and fell flat on my face

but it wasn’t the first time and I know it won’t be the last…

but know—

I’m tying my shoes and I’m getting up.

I’m gonna run faster.

Im gonna do kartwheels, handstands,

I’m going to dance in crowded rooms and on tables where there’s entirerly too much seriousness.

I’m gonna turn this tragedy into a comedy because it ain’t that serious my love.

It’s a game and the universe wants you to play too.

We can play hide and seek all we want because it makes this game all the more exciting….

but we aren’t just bags of skin and bone….

we are rays of god Illuminating dark space bringing life and joy.

No matter what happens my friend,

remember who you are…..

Because it’s when you fall, that you learn, that you look up and remember — even for a moment — who and what you truly are!

Life is like a roller coaster!

Get off the merry go Round!

Let the down hill slopes put an extra pep in your step.

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14 responses to “Pep Talk”

  1. Modern with a small bit of classical and very enjoyable

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  2. I like, always continue, never quit, don’t worry what others think, thank you🌹

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  3. I like the style

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  4. That last line does a nice summation of the rest of the poem – succinct, pointed yet whimsical. I very much liked this….

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  5. Love it ,
    My beautiful friend,
    We don’t die , either ,
    We transition,into ???
    Wolverine 143 xo

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  6. Jeffrey R Cloes Avatar
    Jeffrey R Cloes


    Coconuts swing freely in the wind
    As the summer breeze whistles by
    A sandy beach below is always akin
    To the closely working natives cry

    A sacred gem those fibrous shells
    Not for discard nor lay about and rot
    From the skies say those that dwell
    The amazing Coconut more than not

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  7. Just awesome – your such a creative


  8. The light of your presence does illuminate the darkest room.

    The effort you give to other people is always entirely suitable. You are running at the most perfect pace.

    When I find your playful and child-like side; I will turn the tables and make you giggle long into the night.

    So the next time you fall flat on your face, embrace the earth as a symbol of conquest. Because everybody falls, but only those with courage like yourself can shrug it off, and be even stronger tomorrow.


  9. Warriorofdreams Avatar

    I am happy to read your poems and contemplate them. I grew up being taught easter wisdom was dangerous. Still, I investigated that for myself like most other things. I read about enlightenment in different cultures. I like Zen koans. Alan Watts made a nice variety of interesting lectures. Maybe we can trade ideas back and forth and keep each other awake :D. I would like that. I’m imagining intense and thoughtful conversations full of passion. If we ever played hide and seek you would be “It” first I think. lol As before I like the poem. We should try the water slide game lol provided you got what you manifested! I am going to sleep hoping to dream about you.

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  10. Midnighter2020 Avatar

    The worst part for me isn’t the fall it’s if there’s Anyone around who saw it. 😂 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  11. Kirvincocolover Avatar

    Hi coco, I’m Mexican and I have to use a translator to understand your poems. I really believe that you are such a beautiful person inside as outside, I love the words you use to express your thoughts, I also write and you really inspire me a lot with your sweetness.
    “we are rays of god Illuminating dark space bringing life and joy.” love those words

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    1. I appreciate you so much. Thank you for sharing these words with me


  12. halebobsandra Avatar

    It’s allways like in the Rummel when pep works best

    Ex studying, fucking…. 😜😜

    Great article

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