Get Lost With Me

Bring those lips over here

I want that tongue in my mouth

and those hands on my breasts…

I wanna get lost with you.

Lean into me.

I feel our souls merge

as time bends

Nothings left but this moment

and there aren’t words to describe it

16 responses to “Get Lost With Me”

  1. Very nice!!

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    1. 💞 lucky person💞

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  2. Kissing you is sweeter than wine,

    The warmth of your body brings me to life,

    Have you waited for me through the long time out in the desert?

    We are united in one spirit, and declare our love to the world.

    As King and Queen we will dazzle and shine.

    For only by being lost in you can I truly find myself.


    1. Beauty is truth, truth is beauty 😎

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  3. Nice One
    Tue was dir gut tut (Germam for: Do what what does you good)

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  4. Beautiful, leaves a great vision in my mind


  5. Love it ,very beautiful
    Like you my friend
    Wolverine 143


  6. I wrote very EROTIC ,story ? Poem? Letter To former lover , trying to figure out how get ,copy to you 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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  7. I’m impressed. Love it

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  8. Francisco Suarez Avatar
    Francisco Suarez

    How did you know what i was wanting to say to you?


  9. Midnighter2020 Avatar

    Been waiting to hear that my whole life and I’m Bi so ive got 100% of the population to work with

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  10. get lost with me, baby!!


  11. Yes baby sounds good


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