Featured Writer — Amanda Tatum

Before I share Amanda’s poem, I want to share my thoughts. I read her poem multiple times.. at different times… in different places… each time her poem touched my heart, made me cry…. I feel you. I feel your soul. What makes good poetry to me is when the soul undresses itself through the words and all that’s left is raw emotion. Read her amazing poem below.

The pain in her eyes 

No one will ever really see 

The dark ghost hiding in her daily routine 

Thoughts full of burden

Chest full of pain

Why trust these people 

Why let them think it’s ok 

Pillow full of tears 

Drowning in her now everyday fears 

She can not come to peace with the things she can only hear and only see 

How long will this continue how long must this go on 

The pain in her eyes she won’t let anyone see for this is now her life routine. 

             – Amanda Tatum 

Instagram –https://instagram.com/mamamanda90?igshid=1hw02nq55a6rg

Amanda Tatum I’m from California and I’m 29 years old been writing for about 12 years now. My poems have always been about real life situations and are written with pure emotion. Hope everyone enjoys them!

2 responses to “Featured Writer — Amanda Tatum”

  1. Amanda (& CK)…this poem is equally gorgeous, haunting and surreal to me all at once…the line that resonated with me was “the dark ghost hiding in her daily routine”…I won’t lie, I felt it in sharply in my gut and my eyes watered a bit as I am very able to empathize with this 🙏🏻 Thank you for revealing this to us Amanda, and thank you CK for blessing us with Amanda’s art ❤️🖤❤️ ~Erik

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  2. enjoying you words

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