Life’s A Dance

Life’s an ever changing process

Like a flowing river

Even when you seem to be standing still

Life moves around you

It’s all fluid

Like a dance

Constantly in motion

Down hills

Over rocks

Raging off waterfalls

Nothing lasts for more than a moment

And no two moments are alike

Even during times where life seems to shatter

Like it’s made of glass

the brokenness is only illusion

For nothing breaks

It only transforms

Like where the river meets the ocean

It expands



15 responses to “Life’s A Dance”

  1. That’s really good. And beautiful, I was able to picture that in my mind if that makes sense

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    1. That’s awesome. Thanks for reading Wes 🙏


  2. Amazing words. I love all your poems

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  3. First time i read your poems. My favorite part is “nothing breaks it only transforms”. This way to see things “change” makes a lot of things easier to understand. Thank you.

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  4. Wonderful words that invokes great mental imagery. Thank you.

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  5. Awesome work, you could put them together in a book

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  6. Life can be a wild river ride, so I regularly like to rest on the shore.

    The formlessness of water make it the most formidable of enemies.

    The tossing waves can be overwhelming unless we put them in perspective.

    But without the river there would be no life, and nothing would flourish.

    The journey home is the most welcoming one of all, and I won’t make it unless I get back in the boat.


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    1. Beautiful words Oliver. Thanks for sharing 🙏

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  7. Beautiful take on lifes constant chaos, I can relate to every ripple of the rolling, rushing waters. Well written! I look forward to more. Thank you.

    Beautiful words from a beautiful mind.

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  8. I love it!!
    After having 6 or 7 decades behind me this really gets me. I feel it almost daily now, the flow…as a kid I waded in streams a lot. Turning over rocks to see the creatures fast and slow flitting about….. and trying to catch them.

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  9. I read and enjoy all your poetry, but this is my favorite!

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  10. Reread , can visualize all, is better every time I read it, thanks


  11. alejandro ruberto Avatar
    alejandro ruberto

    Your poetry is so deep, intense and vivid that amazes me. I would like u to publish in this site your poem called STRUCK. I’ve seen it you tube read by yourself… it’s so beautiful, pure and it describes how your feeling is, that i think u should go on with it here. Although u say it’s old.

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