Cracking The Cocoon

Last night I planned my death

Not who I really am

But the shell I have built around me

Like a caterpillar and his cocoon

Inside I’ve been transforming

I allow the pain to move through me

I honor it

Because Like electricity

it brings light to the dark corners

It expands

Until The light becomes so bright

That the pressure builds

And the false self begins to crack

Like wilted petals

It begins to shed

Piece by piece

Petal by petal

I let it all fall off

Until layer by layer I am fully shed

And All that remains is awareness

A beaming bright light

Like a butterfly spreading its wings

I rise up

the light stretches across galaxies

Braiding itself through dimensions

And I become one with everything


  1. Every time I look to any of your pictures, I always see your Light shining all over your, like an angel…
    That is why there is so much beauty in each of your photos.
    You are very special !

    Liked by 1 person

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