Float On

Float on

Like a baby bird

I stand at the edge

With the courage of a bald eagle

I spread my wings

I let go

Diving into the flow that life takes me

I take a deep breath as the wind catches me

Soaring to new heights

The universe is my river

Its current navigates me

I no longer have to swim

Life carries me

I lay back

At ease

I’ll forever be Floating on

15 responses to “Float On”

  1. Nice . I love it

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  2. Love your work. You are very talented.

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  3. Love it! I passed a bald eagle yesterday….so relaxed and powerful gliding above in the sky…..always an inspiration!

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  4. Great energy to kick off the week with, thank for sharing the inspiration CK 💙

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  5. I love it, I feel like the bird

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  6. You just have to identify the flow and then ride it, it will take you where you want to be.

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  7. Very very nice….you have a gift, well, more than one!🖤


  8. honestly im just here to jack off whats good


  9. Awesome poem.

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  10. Very beautiful

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  11. Gregory r baron Avatar
    Gregory r baron

    Wow ,great words. Bravo


  12. Hakuna matata

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  13. Beautiful poem.


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