The Laughing Heart

The gut feeling

The knowing without the actual knowing

The heart aches

It can feel heavy

In times of hardship

stay light

Let the heaviness dissolve

With the shining light of awareness

Let it Evaporate off

With the power of acceptance

Allow your heart to sing

The highest of the highs

and the lowest of the lows

And through it all

Trust it’s for the best

And laugh

Because a laughing heart is a whole lot lighter than a grieving heart

Allow yourself to be stripped away

Layer by layer

Like a flower losing its petals

As piece by piece a part of you dies

It’s at the core that you find freedom

An endless joy

A constant flow of everlasting love

8 responses to “The Laughing Heart”

  1. You write so beautifully and this is no exception.

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  2. Yesterday I was feeling pressure due to all of the bad news on the world, until I shaked it off and focused on my goals. Today I feel peace, I embrace my place in the world and will extend my hand to those in need, with love and laughter.

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  3. Avatar

    Yesterday I was feeling pressure due to all of the bad news on the world, until I shaked it off and focused on my goals. Today I feel peace, I embrace my place in the world and will extend my hand to those in need, with love and laughter.


  4. Love it!💕

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  5. CK, your poetry is a gift, thank you for sharing it so freely…even on my heaviest day you coax a smile and lighten my load. 💙 ~Erik


  6. Thank You Kitty

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  7. Lovely words here Kitty.

    A merry heart is as good as medicine.


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