The Place You Forget You’re You

Meet me in the place

You forget who you are

You just are

My light is shining

I can feel it

Beating like drums


Sending shockwaves through the universe

I can feel it vibrating off me

I’m going to let it envelop me

Swallow me like a black hole

Till there’s nothing left

Till I am no longer me

I am

Transcending the physical and all the limitations within it

Rising above the walls of flesh

The unseen flow

A symphony of interconnected forces

We all come here

Memories erased

With one mission

To find our way back


  1. Dig it, what is your go to psychedelic? Mines always been boomers m, since moving to Hawaii last year I’ve come up with a whole new idea. Totally next level as far as transcendence is concerned. Give me a shout if you’d like to know more. Warmest Aloha, I just discovered you right now but I have a weird feeling. Have a lovely day 🐲🔥🦁RIPLEY

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  2. what experience brought this art piece to manifestation? The metaphor you used to describe the transition from your old self to who you’re now was very interesting and I enjoyed experiencing your life through your eyes.

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