In the deep

I am the space for which the life of the ocean flows

I give room for rising tides

I open up

I expand

To fit the everflowing currents

I feel the waves crashing inside me

So I stay deep

Below the surface

as rough as it can get on the oceans surface

It’s always calm in the deep

The deeper you get

the calmer it becomes

The more peaceful

I am the ocean floor looking up

Watching the universe watch itself


  1. Your words feel like rainfall on an old roof, under a warm blanket, drinking psylocibic mushroom tea.

    Your soul is as breathtaking to behold as the Sphinx, am eternal enigma, a divine incarnate for all to see.

    Your beauty truly has no compare, the echelons to which pretenders can only aspire.

    Your timeless and poetic form dances on the rim of the Abyss without falling in, evidence of your immortal fire.

    To you, the Muse
    Happy Yule! Happy New Year!
    Chris @leadershiftmedia
    I am working on music right now that I would just die to have you in the music video for, the link is attached, and a quick video edit has been put in as a sampler…also chorus and second verse are absent, in development, but using this clip to test the water…thinking we are really into something…

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  2. Wow! I’m amazed at the details of your words, I used to write poetry. Been years since. Your words captured my mind and placed me In The Deep ❤💯 very lovely poem! “Watching the universe watch itself” Just amazing! Thank you for sharing, now to read the rest of your poems. Have a wonderful day love!

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