The Flower In The Storm

Stay open

Feel life as it moves through you

The Seasons will change

The wind can seem turbulent

The tornadoes can seem unkind

But it all comes with its own purpose

What may seem like destruction

Is really the creation of space

Making room for something new

The rain sustains life

The wind carries seeds

Let it be

Be the flower in the storm

12 responses to “The Flower In The Storm”

  1. I like it! I’m always trying to give my daughter life advice in this way, she usually rolls her eyes but I think she likes it.

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  2. I tell my daughter that everyday she has the “choice” to be happy. That even tho there will be challenges, that she can either let “life happen” to her,.. or she can “happen” to it. However I think that the way you’ve put is much more romantic. Thank you. You are very talented.

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    1. I think that beautiful and a very wise thing to share with your daughter

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  3. Well done, lovely words🌹🌹💕💕

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  4. I like it. It made me think.

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  5. You are talented, beautiful and all around amazing… Great work

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  6. Something i always believed in every thing happens for a reason. The cause and the affect . i say Pac said it best well at least to make me understand it as i use to bang my head to the beat. He said joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain. Death has to easy because life is hard. In brace the rain no matter how it comes for it nature the very earth that hold the beauty of someone eye just has the beauty that catches all of our eyes who’s called coconut kitty ❤ watch out now.

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  8. I love this one! Spread billions of Sunflower seeds, being Sunflower are my favorite. Beautiful poem, love it! ❤🌻

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