Truth In The Light

Watch as the light rises through you

like the sun rises over the dark night sky

Illuminating the dark corners of the soul

Like the suns rays sparkle across the oceans

Bringing forth truth

In constant waves

Stretching the soul

Like puddy

Deepening its depth through multidimensions and layers upon layers

In the fabric of reality

All the while happening in seasons

There’s a time to bloom and a time to die

Aligning the personality with the soul

Feeling them collide like a supernova exploding in the sky

Sending shockwaves of light

Healing the soul one lifetime at a time.

16 responses to “Truth In The Light”

  1. I do love everything you do turn your photos your art. In your paintings your heart and soul is always open to New Horizons new lights new stars.


  2. Beautiful,i told you long ago you have OLD SOUL 143


  3. Namaste Goddess Kitty. I love this poem. It’s so well written with beautiful imagery.

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  4. With uncertain fingers, caress, in the night, a dream….where molt skies and lands…where fires and waters sublimize, in a deep, close, hot and red blizzard…blood and ice, skin and soul, angel and demon take off…bramble of hands and lips…blend of acts and breath-pants… Clawed caresses, touch the temples, torn the sheets..die a dream where a dawn grows up!

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  5. A beautiful poem for a beautiful woman with a beautiful soul

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  6. We should turn one into a song

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  7. Beautiful poem.

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  8. Beautiful, very visualizing,
    Do you have anymore poems ???

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    1. Hi George! Thank you. Yes I do. If you go down through my blog posts you will find them


  9. Nice. Digging the nature correlation.

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  10. Love it – it reminds of the saying, why are we broken? to let the light in 😉

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  11. Cosmic Kitty!

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  12. Becoming… Beautiful from within


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