Dissolving through you

Nothing can bother you

If it dissolves the second it touches you

Let go of everything inside

So that nothing can bounce back

Become the pathway

Be the space

For which the energy travels

Give it room

Become still

Feel the aliveness sparkle within you

It tingles

Beating softly

Echoing the heart

So softly it goes easily unnoticed

To see the greatness

One must become still

It is in that space

Where stillnesss creates the heavens

You are the space

The sparkling aliveness

In God’s essence

that makes it all possible

18 responses to “Dissolving through you”

  1. Writing a book about the same goals and actions.

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    1. Wow that’s awesome! Keep me posted on your book!

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  2. Art he……..


  3. So calming, I actually felt myself letting tensions
    And troubles slip out of body and a feeling of relaxation flow into my mind, BEAUTIFUL

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  4. You should start writing a book too using your blog to start.


  5. What a beautifully descriptive poem. I felt so relaxed reading it, like a wave of calm rolled over me. Keep up the good work coconutkitty

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  6. Te felicito es muy profundo lo q escribiste. Q nos impide ser uno en paz con el otro ? El amor es como el universo. Inmenso, insondable, calmo…solo hay que dejarlo expresarse en libertad y quietud y permitirle q ingrese por ese pasaje del q hablas. Esa inmensidad nos dará luz y es allí cuando Dios nos entregará su esencia amorosa y eterna.

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    1. eso es hermoso. gracias por compartir eso conmigo


      1. Lo q quiero compartir con vos es mi vida, amor.

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  7. Awesome One ROCKS
    Ancient Soul resonates LOVE
    And WISDOM
    Now I will meditate 💋🦋💫

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  8. Provocative poem, touching all senses and creating a safe haven spiritually. I truly feel your aura.

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  9. “Be still and know that I am God! “


  10. Marcos Vinicius Avatar
    Marcos Vinicius

    Not gonna lie, this is incredible! It defines so beautifuly the path and spiritual journey roading to the oness with the Source of All, aka spiritual illumination. So soft, smooth and debonair. Great work. Congrats, Miss!

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    1. Thank you Marcos! Appreciate you taking time to read


  11. Do you not find that most poetic work of merit comes from a place of tension. That to have the ‘bad stuff’ glance off us is to live a half-life. Where is the pain, suffering, loss and regret we all experience as sentients? Only where there is conflict can great art be nurtured. Pain is, artistically, more potent than pleasure, loss more rewarding than fulfilment, death more everlasting. There is an argument for hope and all things sparkly, however it is not a strong one. In saying this, anyone who adores poetry is on an interesting path.

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  12. We let the light shine opening our souls fir everyone to see we let each other in hoping to find the love with in we reach to feel each others touch just knowi ng its truly us

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  13. ❤️❤️

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