Dissolving through you

Nothing can bother you

If it dissolves the second it touches you

Let go of everything inside

So that nothing can bounce back

Become the pathway

Be the space

For which the energy travels

Give it room

Become still

Feel the aliveness sparkle within you

It tingles

Beating softly

Echoing the heart

So softly it goes easily unnoticed

To see the greatness

One must become still

It is in that space

Where stillnesss creates the heavens

You are the space

The sparkling aliveness

In God’s essence

that makes it all possible


  1. Te felicito es muy profundo lo q escribiste. Q nos impide ser uno en paz con el otro ? El amor es como el universo. Inmenso, insondable, calmo…solo hay que dejarlo expresarse en libertad y quietud y permitirle q ingrese por ese pasaje del q hablas. Esa inmensidad nos dará luz y es allí cuando Dios nos entregará su esencia amorosa y eterna.

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