Like the sky

Alike with the sky

universally connected

like the rays to the sun

The suns always shining

like the doorway to the heavens

always open

A cloudy day is like the cluttered mind

still peaking though

the sun seeps though the cracks


The wind is like quieting the mind

It moves the clouds

space is born

The sun shines brightly in all directions giving light to everything it touches

Emptiness is like clear skies

Clear of clouds

Clear of blockages

Like the sun rays

The energy travels


The pathway to bliss

Forever beaming with joy

6 responses to “Like the sky”

  1. I feel an air of positivity in your poetry 😊…I like that


  2. Kevin , wolverine 143 Avatar
    Kevin , wolverine 143

    Beautiful words ,
    Your an old soul,
    Very talented & so beautiful


  3. You are AWESOME Ancient Soul
    GLOWING in numerous ways
    Thank you CK
    For you:
    At the heart of life,
    there is the ever perfect.
    You can’t improve what is already perfect.
    You can only discover it.
    Just stay quiet and empty.
    Let life play. 🦋💫🧡

    Perfection RULES your existence 💋
    Love YOU


  4. Amazingly lovely and moving


  5. Very beautiful poem❤️

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  6. Nicely written, ma’am. True creativity in print. Great use of similes to convey your point. I’m no literary critic, by any means, but my opinion is that your work is outstanding. I hope you’ll be posting more in the future.

    Liked by 1 person

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