The aliveness

I can feel it moving through me like clouds move across sky

Soaring through me like a bald eagle in the dead of night

It’s a collection of lights

Interconnected and woven through space and time

It’s innocent and pure

Even a glance brings you to tears of joy

It lights the darkness within

It’s aliveness awaits its awareness

And when it’s seen it dances but to music you can not hear only feel

It becomes in union with itself

And it’s light is magnified

For only when it sees itself,

Does it feel the true greatness of its nature

The stillness becomes of a whirl of joy and celebration

The body tingles as its presence ignites a peace within

When things that were heavy become light

And the only thing that’s left

Is vast space

It’s openness

It’s unfathomable essence

10 responses to “The aliveness”

  1. Johannes Schneider Avatar
    Johannes Schneider

    I think you are stunningly beautiful. I would like to be your best friend. You are a very interesting woman in my eyes. I really like you.


  2. It’s great my beauty


  3. Love this! I can imagine a sexy beautiful lady reciting on video with my calming peaceful instrumental music in the background! I would be honored to give rights to my music for just credits.


  4. Crisanto Grimaldo Avatar
    Crisanto Grimaldo

    Nice, did you write this


  5. Un poema brillante como tu. Me gusta sigue así.


  6. Terry Henderson Avatar
    Terry Henderson

    Amazing!! Beautiful and talented xx


  7. Talented in so many ways.


  8. Seriously one of the better writers I have had the pleasure of reading. I would buy a biography of everything you have accomplished so far if you had one. 👌👍👍


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