Fairy Tale Drug

A sudden thought can trigger it,
my knees grow weak
Butterflies swell my belly,

I am infused with your fairy tale drug ,
my head detaches
my mind malfunctions

while I become disillusioned
From this toxin of erratic excitement,

it pumps through my veins
I feel alive
yet euphorically sick

No cure desired for such a lucky fate as this,
one only dreams of a beautiful death,

my actions driven
By such deliriously unreasonable choices

still yet
it feels so right

one rational thought remains carved brash,
“I will never underestimate the power of your addiction”

I am luckily addicted to you,
For yours
and only your fairy tale drug yields enjoyable consequences.

7 responses to “Fairy Tale Drug”

  1. Such great imagery in your writing. So much passion.


    1. Michael Otterbeck Avatar
      Michael Otterbeck

      Love it!!


  2. Wow, I just found this page, didn’t know you were a poet too! You’re amazing !


  3. Hey, this is nice! You should put up some new stuff!


  4. Curious, does your “fairytale drug” still yeld enjoyable consequence’s? Or has the power of addiction changed your Paramore enough yet to corrupt “said” fairytales plot? You know without the “fairytale” he’s just another drug, and all drugs enevidably run there course hun. (Except weed😁)

    Just a question, scrap this comment if answering it brings you negative thoughts or memory’s. 😼

    Liked by 1 person

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