Welcome to my world!

Hi! I wanted to make a place where i can share both my art and my poetry.  Here you can find it all.

5 responses to “Welcome to my world!”

  1. Very cool! You express yourself in so many way.


  2. Your poetry is like a vision i always have of how i wanted life to be. I am addicted and was addicted. I know this feeling so well, i knew nothing of you that first message. I thank you for these writings i hope they continue to help me believe.
    My soul believes
    my brain resists.
    For i have never known true bliss
    A hand to hold a face to kiss
    Or someone who i truely miss.


  3. Just found yer poetry. Great talent Dianna..


  4. Stephen O'Connor Avatar
    Stephen O’Connor

    Art and poetry have a unique connection they both can captivate a audience with spender beauty and passion.Here is a verse that I have known since I was a small child and I have known and loved it and it still sends a message to me and that is never surrender Hope. Tommy Makin from the Clancy Brothers live reunion tour does it magnificently at the Start of Carikfurgus and it starts
    He stumbled Home
    from Cliffton Fair
    with drunken song
    And cheeks A glow
    Their was something
    In his step that spoke
    Of kingship long ago
    I sighed and Emily burned
    With grief that one so
    High could fall so low
    But he picked a flower
    And smelt it’s scent
    And waved it too the
    Sunlit Sky
    So old sweet rapture
    Through him went
    And kindled those
    Blood shot eyes
    I smiled and Emily
    Cried for joy
    That one so low
    Should rise so High

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