Pure Lovin’



Short of breath

forgetting the outside world

no societies

judgments vanish

opinions fall like dust

you’re all but caught up in those dreams


this is it

where all the fields glow green

and clouds paint on silky blue skies


for so many miles

hope tangos the wind

flowing freely


possibilities are endless

deep breaths are bottomless


smiles from ear to ear

sometimes an occasional tear…


where fear dissipates into thin air


i can feel

a heaven where its all love

dancing from cell to cell

rushing through me

Spilling and bubbling over with

Lovin and joy


Feeling unhindered


And completely alive

4 responses to “Pure Lovin’”

  1. Beautifully written! Love it❤️


  2. Frotty23@Gmail.com Avatar

    It can your looked worked Living when you can doed goes working upped ?


  3. Good description of falling in love.
    I love this verse:
    ” smiles from ear to ear

    sometimes an occasional tear…”
    This verse describes very accurately how could someone feels. Love makes you feel wonderfully but it also hurts, a lot.
    Nothing is perfect in this world but these words make us to be nearer of the meaning of what real love is.


  4. Making live on Sunday mornings, aka “Going to church” ❤️


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