Fairy Tale Drug

A sudden thought can trigger it,
my knees grow weak
Butterflies swell my belly,

I am infused with your fairy tale drug ,
my head detaches
my mind malfunctions

while I become disillusioned
From this toxin of erratic excitement,

it pumps through my veins
I feel alive
yet euphorically sick

No cure desired for such a lucky fate as this,
one only dreams of a beautiful death,

my actions driven
By such deliriously unreasonable choices

still yet
it feels so right

one rational thought remains carved brash,
“I will never underestimate the power of your addiction”

I am luckily addicted to you,
For yours
and only your fairy tale drug yields enjoyable consequences.

Now is Then

no matter where i go in life
I always end up right back here
In this very moment.

wondering where i will go next
Or if I’ve ever moved forward….

sometimes time seems irrelevant
non existent

it’s in these moments
the space between then and now is overlapping
like its all happening simultaneously

it’s like then is now
and now was then
and nothings changed
what i know now
i knew all along
–Coconut Kitty

Pure Lovin’



Short of breath

forgetting the outside world

no societies

judgments vanish

opinions fall like dust

you’re all but caught up in those dreams


this is it

where all the fields glow green

and clouds paint on silky blue skies


for so many miles

hope tangos the wind

flowing freely


possibilities are endless

deep breaths are bottomless


smiles from ear to ear

sometimes an occasional tear…


where fear dissipates into thin air


i can feel

a heaven where its all love

dancing from cell to cell

rushing through me

Spilling and bubbling over with

Lovin and joy


Feeling unhindered


And completely alive